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                May 26-28 8pm (Thu-Sat) Holdings, Shared Evening at Danspace Project with Lauren Bakst
                $20 General / $15 Danspace Project members  More Info

                JUNE 10 FRIDAY
                for reading and responding
                (7-10pm) / $15
                Reading Group and Performances
                Chocolate Factory
                Self-care, utopian visions, poetic and emotional labor, porous and transient structures. The Festival
                pairs with Art/Fem Book Club to fill the room with conversation, readings, and movement, in and
                around a series of Houses.* Liliana Dirks-Goodman and Tara Aisha Willis will (softly) guide a discussion
                about short essays by Audre Lorde, Silvia Federici, and Fred Moten in relation to our performance/art
                practices, preceded and followed (and perhaps interspersed) by short poetic responses from writers
                and performers. Poetic respondents include mayfield brooks, Justin Cabrillos, Marguerite Hemmings,
                Sarah Maxfield, and Ni’Ja Whitson.