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it overlay <p>enetration of th eye <br> within
the exchange disperse fingertip frenzy
I always thought emb<br>
odiment we gave touch back to bodies
g<br>ging or excavating meat pieces, intact at the seams
continence inf<br>lic
ectsr <p>ose may suppose
an anus expels <br> down as opposed
to the matter of holding
ashness and having no wearing on the question of correctness
alike eye mades lit, <br>aching heads, tendon
sees no cohering
frant<br>ically <br> is
break touch fa<br>ic to
</pore> forward slash I mean
smearing it on
<br>acket off impositions
spends you when in time bracket
for tem</pre> mass shapes matter to bring
who knows what position of command and body
<br>ing, ing traces of the skin
owbeat skull entropy
andishing open wou brass knuckles
install neck <br>acket elevates
our gaping brains bracket stuffed
oken bread boxed